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ESSIAC - Herbal Tea

ESSIAC Herbal Tea/Tonic

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One unit of ESSIAC Power Tea Tonic® = (1.5oz./42.5g), the 4 herbs basic proprietary formulation of nurse Rene Caisse. The contents can make 72oz. of ESSIAC®. The complete original is a decoction.

Note: it take up to 36 hours for good preparation (decoction).


Place the 1.5oz. to 88oz. of distilled water. Use ONLY stainless steel or glasss containers. Boll the water to 212 degrees for 5 minutes, add the ESSIAC to the boiling water for 10 minutes. stir vigorously every two minutes, always replace the lid between stirring. Then reduce heat to simmer 10 minutes. Remove container from heat, let stand for four hours to obtain best potency, then bring back to just the boiling point, then simmer again for another 5 minutes, stir occasionally. Keep the ESSIAC product covered. Remove from heat, let stand for 8 to 12 hours, pour the ESSIAC product into a clean glass container. (Rinse thoroughly this container, NO soap residue). Once at room temperature place container in a refrigerator for 12 hour. Allow sediment to settle at the bottom of the refrigerated container. You may wish to strain the product to remove some sediment. Some use a coffee filter to do this. There is no harm in the consumption of the sediment. The final ESSIAC has to be kept refrigerated in order to keep its freshness. NEVER use any plastics in making or storing the ESSIAC. DO NOT freeze or microwave ESSIAC this will destroy the quality of this product.


Shake well before using. 2oz. to 4oz. serving per day is generally recommended. If you are diabetic, make sure you monitor your glucose. Best if the serving is consumed at least one half hour before meal. Take as directed by your health care practitioner.

Note: Nurse Rene Caisse gave the original recipes to ESSIAC Products Services, Inc. In 1977/78. The original preparation has been kept by the first generation after nurse Caisse. ESSIAC® is trademarket and is intellectual property owned by Essiac Products Services, Inc., #1,625,600 and other marks internationally.


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